Omega Wolf Studios: Demos & Shareware

  File Name Size Type Comments
Map Maker Demo 24.6KB Application Map Making software for RPG's, aimed towards AD&D. A Demo Only
Parallel Coordinate System 15.6KB Application An application for graphing in a parallel coordinate system. I made this for a friend who used it for a research project. Essentially it allows you to graph simple equations where rather than having Cartesian Coordinates where the axis cross at a 90 degree angle, the axis are parallel. Even simple equations produce interesting graphs. Trigonometric functions also produced interesting results.
Stableboy 187KB Text Adventure The first in the Stableboy series. A comic adventure made using Tads. May be a few bugs, e-mail me about them, I'll try to fix it
Stableboy II demo 507KB Text Adventure A demo of a text adventure made using HTML Tads.

Mods for other games

  File Name Size Type Comments
Flemnore Sound File 1.19MBWav Files .wav files of my Flemnore Torrenn Character, for use with Baldure's Gate and Icewind Dale


  File Name Size Type Comments
Visual Basic 6.0 (service pack 6) runtime files 1.01MBRuntime Files The Visual Basic runtime files may be necessary for any of the programs here writting in Visual Basic. If you encounter an error when you first try to run them, it may be because you do not have the visual basic runtimes installed.